Friday, December 28, 2012


Just wanted to post a quick share today!

I was featured in the Holiday 2012 issue of Stitch Craft Create magazine with my Peace on Earth Wreath.  Check out their website here and their blog here to get lots of great ideas!

There are three pages of photos along with complete instructions!  I used a technique that was new to me - I wrapped the wreath form in stitched paper ribbon by cutting lenghts of scrapbook paper, crumpling them and then joining them all together on my sewing machine.  The look is very Shabby Chic!

I was also featured in the Winter issue of Crafts n' Things magazine with my Santa Button Beard Pillow.  Check out their website here and their blog here for lots of ideas and inspiration!

This project was special to me because most of the buttons that I used were from my Grandmother's button box.  I painted the Santa face on cross stitch fabric, then sewed the buttons and jingle bell on.  I have this pillow prominently placed on my couch this Christmas!

I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year in 2013!

Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth

Friday, November 16, 2012



I worked with these Gelatos from the Faber Castell Design*Memory*Craft line at the CHA Summer Show and then I picked some up in several different color families at Michael's to play with them.  I was looking around my studio for a surface and saw four rolls of masking tape that I had on hand from another project and thought that the tape would make a versatile surface.  I also had some small blank books on hand, so decided to create some colorful journals.

Here's how I made it:
  • Lay out several lengths of masking tape on a workable surface.  I used my Inksentials Craft Sheet from Ranger.
  • Next, just start scribbling - what fun!  I mixed and matched colors, then misted the maksing tape with water and blended with the paint brush included in the Gelatos Mix & Match set.
  • Keep layering and blending until you get the effect you are looking for. This was actually extremely fun and relaxing! Crafting as therapy - LOVE IT!  I blotted some strips with a paper towel and others with my paint brush, but I think that they all look like faux leather!

  • Once all of the masking tape strips are colored and dry, measure your book cover (or surface of your choice) and cut to length.
  • I used the widest strip of masking tape on the spine of the book, so I had enough to wrap around the front and back covers.  Cut a small "V" at the folds of the book and wrap the edges of the masking tape in on inside of the front and back covers.
  • Lay out different colors and widths of the colored masking tape until the front and back covers are completely covered.  Make the final piece of masking tape wide enough to wrap around the inside edge of the book.  Cut the tape at an angle, so the finished edge is as neat as possible.  Then burnish all surfaces with a bone folder (or old credit card) to smooth out and bubbles and create a good adhesion to the surface of the book. 
  • Using the Stamper's Big Brush Pen in Black I inked the clear stamps that came with the Gelatos Mix & Match set and stamped the Damask and Flower pattern on the front cover of my journal books.  I found that the stamping worked better on the masking tape if I lightly misted the stamp after I inked it with the Big Brush Pen.
  • The last step is to measure, cut and adhere a coordinating paper to the inside front and back covers to hide all of the tape edges and finish the Journal.

I am going to be giving out these mini Journals as stocking stuffer Christmas presents.  They are the perfect size to carry in your purse for important notes and ideas!

Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth

Monday, November 12, 2012


Today, I am joining a group of talented Designers in the Winter Holiday Hop, organized by Jen Goode, who is hosting the linky party on her blog.  So, happy to have been invited to share my Holiday Inspiration with everyone today!  Click on the WINTER HOLIDAY HOP button in my right hand sidebar to hop around!
I LOVE SNOWMEN, there I have said it!  Isn't admitting you have a problem the first step to recovery?  Well, truth be told, I don't want to recover from my Snowman addiction, but I do want to share with everyone today, some of my most favorite Snowman projects!
This Snowman is made from a simple foam ball and painted craft foam pieces.
Glass Hurricane Snowman with painted features, a felt hat and plaid scarf.

Altered Altoids Tin painted to look like a Snowman on TV with wire and beaded antennae.
This cute little Snowman is painted on a hinge from the hardware store!
A $1 section basket from Michael's painted with a Snowman face, ear muffs made from the
basket handle and faux fur.
Snowmen (and women) treat cups made from peate pots, fabric scrap "carrot" noses and button eyes!

Don't forget to click through and see what all of the Designers have made and be inspired to start creating for the Holidays!
Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth


Welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop with Smoothfoam!

Many of us have seen Smoothfoam display in our local Michael's stores, but beyond the normal projects with foam shapes, the Designer Crafts Connection was challenged with creating something "outside the box!"  I was thrilled to receive a few different shapes, but was drawn to the 2" by 4" foam rectangles. I have seen alot of 2" by 4" wooden crafting for the holidays, but I don't have access to power tools, so when I saw these rectangles, I knew I wanted to use the Smoothfoam 2 by 4's in the 8" and 12" sizes. Smoothfoam is a great base for a multitude of projects because it can be easily shaped, sanded, painted and decorated to create three dimensional projects without the weight of other materials, like wood.
Here's How I Made It:
  • With a serrated kitchen knife, cut the 8" rectangle in two pieces - one 3" and one 5" for the Snow Baby.  Cut the first 12" rectangle in three pieces - one 3", one 4" and one 5" for the Snow Momma.  Cut the second 12" rectangle in two pieces - one 7" and one 5" for the Snow Daddy. 
  • Then carve all of the edges off of each piece of foam to create a rustic look.  The Smoothfoam bits will get everywhere, so I did this outside over a trash can.
  • Now the Smoothfoam won't be so smooth after this step, but the amazing part about this foam is that when rubbed together is sands itself!  Using one piece of Smoothfoam as a sanding block, rub your pieces together to smooth out all of the surfaces - amazing!
  • Paint all of the pieces with Raw Umber Americana acrylic paint from DecoArt and let dry.
  • Paint all of the pieces with Weathered Wood medium from DecoArt and let set for at least one hour.
  • Paint all of the pieces with a combination of half Light Buttermilk and half Bleached Sand Americana acrylic paint from DecoArt and let dry to create a crackled finish.
  • Decorate your Snow Family with button eyes, scrap paper carrot noses and black seed bead mouths.  Snow Baby received decorative buttons and ear muffs made from pom poms and a chenille stem.  Snow Momma received a Lamp Black painted hat with ribbon and holly trim, a scalloped paper collar and green buttons.  Snow Daddy received a Lamp Black painted top hat with craft foam brim, ribbon and snowflake trim, a paper bow tie and red buttons.
  • Use simple toothpicks to attached the Smoothfoam blocks together for a finished display! 
Now make sure to click on the DCC link in my right sidebar to hop through and see the other DCC designers projects using Smoothfoam, as well as, a chance to enter to win a prize package from Smoothfoam consisting of the snowman kit below and more!

To enter to win, leave a comment about their favorite projects on the designer’s blog and say what you would make with Smoothfoam. The more often you comment the more chances you have to win. All the projects will be posted on Pinterest, so readers can comment there too. The winner will be announced on our Facebook Page at on November 19th.

Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth

Monday, November 5, 2012


This month's theme is THANKFULNESS!
I cannot believe that another year has almost come and gone!  I have alot to be thankful for this year - I am heathly and surrounded by a loving family and wonderful friends, so I considermyself lucky as well!
Since both sides of my family get together for a big meal every Thanksgiving, I always like to make some kind of interactive project - a centerpiece or a banner - that brings everyone together and gives us the opportunity to reflect upon what we are all thankful for.
This year I have created a THANKFUL BANNER and each family member can write on a leaf what they are thankful for!
Here's How I Made It:
  • Gather a variety of Autumn themed patterned papers and embellishments.  All of the supplies that I used were items that I already had on hand!  Most were from a Making Memories kit that I purchased at Michael's several years ago.
  • Sketch out 4 or 5 different leaves on to cardboard, then traced them on the patterned papers and cut out with scissors.  You can also use a die and a die cutting machine if you have one.
  • I crumpled all of my leafs, then flattened them back out and inked them with Tea Dye Distress Ink by Ranger.
  • Cut a section of ribbon the same length as the banner you want to make, then sew the leaves on to the ribbon with a sewing machine.
  • Spell out the word THANKFUL in chipboard letters - mine had a brown velvet finish and I added colored, self adhesive pearls to make them stand out.
  • Decorate the rest of your banner with the variety of embellishments you have gathered - I used glittered swirls, fabric covered brads, felt pumpkins and acorns, along with colored pearls and rhinestones.  Some of my embellishments were self adhesive, but for the others I used Aleene's Tacky Glue from iLoveToCreate - I just LOVE that glue!
I will hang mine on the mantle on Thanksgiving Day and each family member can write their Thankful Message on a different leaf with their name and the date.  This will become a Family Keepsake that I am sure will adorn my mantle for many years to come!
I hope you enjoyed my project today!
To view all of the other projects from the rest of the Designer Craft Connection group please use the HOP FORWARD and HOP BACK navigation in the DCC Icon in my right hand tool bar and ENJOY!
Thanks for stopping by! - Beth

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I would like to THANK everyone that voted for my Faux Metal Pumpkin in Plaid's 3rd Annual Trick your Pumpkin Contest - I came in Third Place!

Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Having seen crayon melt art all over Pinterest on everything from Mason Jars to Canvases, I wanted to try this technique on a Foam Craft Pumpkin.

Here's how I made it:
  •  Purchase a Foam Craft Pumpkin of your choice at your local craft store - I selected a small white pumpkin from Michael's.
  • Gather crayons - I used reds and oranges - unwrap the crayons and break into approximately 1" long pieces.
  • Place your pumpkin on a base of newspaper or an old catalog.  NOTE:  I use mail order catalogs for these types of messy projects and they make great paint palettes as well - just start in the center and peel off the pages as you use them!
  • Glue the pieces around the stem of the pumpkin with Aleene's Original Tacky Glue from iLoveToCreate - I love this glue and use it for everything!
  • Most online tutorials used a hair dryer, but I used my Inkssentials Heat It Craft Tool from Ranger.  Once the crayons began to melt I used a pair of craft tweezers to rotate and move the melting pieces of crayon around the top of the pumpkin to get complete coverage.
  • I let the first coat of red crayon dry and then repeated the process with orange crayon. 
  • Make sure that you don't hold the Heat It Craft Tool too close to the pumpkin or all of the colored crayon wax will melt away and form a puddle at the base of your pumpkin.  When this happened to my project, I peeled the extra crayon off the bottom of the pumpkin and re-melted it around the top.
A quick and easy craft - peeling the paper off the crayons took the longest!  Entire project took 10 minutes.

I love how this turned out, so I'm going to try it out with the kiddos tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I made these at Christmas with chocolate Kisses and peanut butter M & M's and thought they looked like eye balls.

For Halloween I bought the white candy melts from Wilton and upside down chocolate chips for the pupils, then sprinkled red jimmies for the blood-shot Monster look.

I think they turned out great!  And they taste great too!

Then I tried some different color combinations and green eyes with orange jimmies were the most Monster-rific!

These are quick and easy to whip up with just a few ingredients and make great party favors and Teacher gifts.

Just pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees, layout parchment or waxed paper on a cookie sheet, line up your pretzels and top each one with a colored Wilton Candy Melt.  Place in oven for 5 minutes, remove and sprinkle colored jimmies on each cany melt, then press a chocolate chip in the center of each cany melt.  Let set for 30 minutes then store in an air tight container for up to 7 days.

Thanks for stopping by! - Beth

Thursday, October 25, 2012


While on Facebook recently I noticed the announcement of Plaid's 3rd Annual Trick your Pumkin contest and decided to enter.

I started out with a $2.50 pumpkin from the discount section of Target and since it had specifically marked sections I wanted to create a pattern.  I drew a swirl pattern on every other section of the pumpkin with Martha Stewart Craft Fine Tip Top and Paint in Wedding Cake, then let it dry completely.

I decided that I wanted a metallic finish, so I grabbed my bottle of Martha Stewart Craft Paint in Pure Platinum.  I was not sure how well the paint would cover the plastic pumpkin, but it was completed covered in 2 coats and dried quickly!

To finish my pumpkin I rubbed on a coat of Martha Stewart Craft Paint in Beetle Black with a damp paper towel, then rubbed off the excess and was left with a faux metal finish!  You can add additional layers of black paint for a more distressed finish.  I applied 2 layers on my pumpkin below.

I want to try this finish on more pumpkins with different patterns and metallic finishes!

Thanks for stopping by! - Beth

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Makin's Blog Hop Prize
13 of my fabulous Designer friends are participating in a Blog Hop featuring projects created with Makin's Clay. 
Just Hop through each of the 13 participating Designers Blogs by clicking on the HOP FORWARD or HOP BACK links on the DESIGNER CRAFTS CONNECTION navigation button on my right tool bar - Then, if you would like a chance to play with Makin’s Clay, make sure you visit the Makin’s Clay® Blog and let them know which project was YOUR favorite!
Now, for the fun part!

Makin’s Clay is offering a price package (pictured above) valued at just over $111.00 with products including clay, tools and a Memory Frame Kit. 

Remember, to enter leave a comment on the Makin’s Clay® Blog telling them which project you liked best on the blog hop. 

The winner will be randomly drawn from all entries on or about October 24th. 

They will announce the winner on the Makin’s Clay® Blog, so please check back on Thursday, October 25th to see if you have won!

Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I wanted to share a link to Suzy's blog because she is featuring my "totally green" Light Bulb Jack-O-Lanterns that I originally posted here   Check out her blog because she has tons of great recycled crafts and tutorials!

Thanks for stopping by! - Beth

Sunday, September 30, 2012



I wanted to challenge myself this month to create a project without purchasing any new supplies, so I pulled out my Halloween craft bin and dug through its contents to get some inspiration.  Having seen quite a few feather wreaths on Pinterest recently, I selected black feather boas and some simple wooden shapes from my stash.

I started with a 12" Styrofoam Wreath form from Dow and wrapped four 6' long feather boas around the form, securing with Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue™.

I wanted a uniform look, so I painted all of the wooden shapes with Americana Paint from DecoArt in Canyon Orange.  For some extra sparkle I painted a Twinkle Sparkle Top Coat in Orange.

For the green glitter accents, I base coated some mini Styrofoam Balls with Aleene's Tacky Glue and rolled them in Bright Green Glitter.

Once all the shapes are dry, glue in place on the Wreath Form with Tacky Glue.  Cut a 20" length of orange fiber and secure one end to the back of the shape on the wreath and the other to the back of the spider shape.

The possibilities for this type of project are endless.  Use your imagination and the supplies around your home - or visit your local craft store and purchase these readily available craft supplies.

I hope you enjoyed my project today.  To view all of the other projects from the rest of the Designer Craft Connection group please use the HOP FORWARD and HOP BACK navigation in the DCC Icon in my right hand tool bar and ENJOY!

Thanks for stopping by! - Beth

Monday, August 6, 2012



For the month of August our Designer Craft Connection challenge was to craft with school supplies.  This is very timely since the kids in Southwest Florida go back to school this Wednesday August 8th!  Open House was Saturday and after my Niece, Marlee, met her new Third Grade Teacher, she decided she wanted to make her something for the first day of school.  What better to give a teacher then a pencil holder for her desk - and what better to craft it out of then pencils!

Here's How I Made It:
  • I already had a tall, square shaped container in my stash that was left over from some fancy Holiday candies, so we painted it inside and out with Golden Straw Yellow with Ameicana paints fom DecoArt to match the pencils and got to work. 
  • Measure from the top to the bottom of your container with a ruler and mark each pencil at that length. 
  • I cut all of the pencils with my pair of pruning shears from Fiskers - this worked perfectly and gave us nice, clean cuts (using sharp cutting tools is something that children should get help with from an adult). 
  • Turn the container on its side and apply a generous coat of  Aleene’s® Original Tacky Gluefrom I Love To Create
  • We used 11 pencils on 2 sides and 10 pencils on the other 2 sides. 
  • Allow glue to dry and secure a ribbon around the center, tied in to a bow. 
  • Marlee is going to add a tag with her teacher's name and some school themed stickers then fill the pencil holder with - you guessed it - brand new pencils!
We decided to have all of the erasers at the top, but you could have the erasers at the bottom, alternate top and bottom or create a personalized pattern of your own.  This project would also work well with rulers or even colored pencils for your Art Teacher.  Imagination and creativity are the keys when crafting with kids!

I hope you enjoyed my project today.  To view all of the other projects from the rest of the Designer Craft Connection group please use the HOP FORWARD and HOP BACK navigations in the DCC Icon in my right hand tool bar and ENJOY!

Thanks for stopping by! - Beth

Monday, May 14, 2012


Teacher Appreciation Week is this week in our schools and this past weekend my Niece and I made these cute, quick and easy Apple Pots for her teachers.

  • Paint a terra cotta pot and saucer with Country Red Americana Paint from DecoArt and let dry. 
  • Paint a wooden spool with Chocolate Brown, let dry. 
  • Paint a large "squiggle" in Pistachio Mint, let dry - then paint stripes in Victorian Blue to create your "Worm". 
  • Outline your Worm and draw in his/her face with a Black Sharpie Marker.
  • Lightly letter your saying - Grade A Teacher - in pencil then fill in with the Black Sharpie Marker.
  • Spray entire "Apple" - inside and out with Matte Spray Sealer from DecoArt, let dry.
  • Glue a silk leaf and the painted spool to the top of your terra cotta saucer "lid" with Aleene's Original Tacky Glue from I Love To Create, let dry.
Fill with a sweet snack or maybe a gift card and say THANK YOU to your favorite Teacher this week!

Thanks for stopping by! - Beth

Monday, May 7, 2012


This month's DCC post is all about quick and easy jewelry projects which fits in great because Mother's Day is this coming Sunday May 13th!

I always like to make handmade gifts with my Nieces and Nephew, so they have something special to give to their family members on special occasions.

I love the Start-Ups line of embellish-able (is that a word?) charms from Buttons Galore and More, they make the perfect blank canvas.  We started with the Large Tags because I thought they were the perfect size for a necklace pendant.  We haven’t used Alcohol Inks in a while, so I pulled those out and we decided on Greens, Blues and Purples.  The Alcohol Inks dry instantly and the ink is heat set in just about a minute, so creating these charm necklaces is a quick and easy process with virtually no mess, which is important when crafting with kids!

The first background we created was a tie dye effect – the alcohol ink has a fluid movement on the Start Ups surface and the kids almost couldn’t stop layering the colors and watching them blend together! We added a chipboard butterfly from K & Company and Making Memories letter stickers to spell the word FLY because Grammy LOVES Butterflies!

For the next background, we dropped Alcohol Ink on the surface of the Start Ups, then blotted off with a paper towel to create a watercolor effect.  We stamped over the background with StazOn Jet Black Ink and set the ink with a Heat Tool.  We added a touch of Starlight Stickles on the dragonfly, the word sticker COURAGE, a flower with gem and a black gingham ribbon compete this necklace for their Mom, because she is starting a new job this week!

The third background was similar to the second, but we sanded the dry alcohol ink to distress the finish.  Then we stamped with musical notes and finished with a large monogram M that was painted black and topped with a thick coat of Glossy Accents for Grandmom because she loves music and her name is Matilda!

We inked around the edge of each of the Start Ups charms with black StazOn ink and then set it with a Heat Tool.  I ALWAYS have the kids print their initials and the date on the back of each of their projects, so they become a treasured keepsake.

Add a jump ring and some ball chain and our Mixed Media Charm Necklaces are ready to give as Mother's Day gifts!

Please use the DESIGNER CRAFTS CONNECTION navigation on the right sidebar to hop around to the other Designers on our web ring and view the creative projects that they have posted for May!

Thanks for stopping by! - Beth

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Back again today with more Easter crafts that are cute and quick!

I had a large terra cotta saucer left over from a pot that was broken and a smaller pot had a chip on the edge. They were sitting in my courtyard and I had stacked them on top of each other by the gate to recycle them into pot filler when I saw it - a candy dish!

It's like love a first sight when you have a Crafty Epiphany like that!

Wash the pot and saucer and let them dry. Base coat the outside of the pot plus the inside and outside of the saucer with Americana acrylic paints by DecoArt in Titainium White. Don't worry about being neat, just get a nice coat on the surface.

Cut two bunny ears from canvas or white craft foam. Sponge the pot and the ears with Light Buttermilk to get the "furry" texture effect. Paint the plaid on the pot rim with alternating vertical stripes of Hauser Light Green and Tangelo Orange. Paint alternating horizontal stripes of Country Blue and Moon Yellow. Paint a triangle with rounded sides in Gooseberry Pink for the nose. Paint large circles in Gooseberry Pink, diluted with water for the cheeks. Using a black Sharpie marker, draw the eyes, outline around the nose, mouth and whiskers. Hightlight the eyes with a dot of Titainium White paint, using the wooden end of your paint brush.

Paint the bottom of the saucer Moon Yellow. Base coat the middle ridge with Lilac and stripe with Tangelo Orange. Paint the top edge with Hauser Light Green.

Base coat four 2" wooden Doll Heads/Ball Knobs from Lara's Crafts with Country Blue. Add polka dots of Titainium White paint, using the wooden end of your paint brush.

Flip the saucer upside down and glue the flat edge of the wooden Doll Heads/Ball Knobs to the bottom with Aleene's Orginial Tacky Glue, let dry.

Top coat the pot and saucer with Americana Spray Sealer/Finisher in Matte. Insert the bunny ears in to the hole in the pot, place bunny on saucer, fill with candy and ENJOY!

NOTE: Make sure to only use wrapped candy in your dish, due to the spray finish not being non-toxic!


Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

Monday, April 2, 2012


Today's DCC Hop is all about SPRING!

Love Spring and Easter, so I have decided to share this cute craft I did this weekend with my Niece, Marlee and my Nephew, Zach. They like to give crafts to their Mom, Great-Aunt, Grandmoms and Great-Grandmom for special holidays. I always make them sign and date the project on the bottom, which turns a simple kids craft in to a true keepsake!

I base coated recycled round light bulbs with Krylon's Primer in All-Purpose White, this allows the acrylic paint to adhere better. We used Americana Acrylic Paints by DecoArt in Titainmum White to base coat Bunny and sponged Light Buttermilk over top to create the "furry" texture. Once dry we rubbed on some watered down Gooseberry Pink paint for the cheeks and painted on the nose. A great resource for crafting with kids are Sharpie markers - so easy to use for details like facial features! Cut Bunny ears from white felt and glue across the top of the light bulb with Aleene's Original Tacky Glue from ilovetocreate. Top with a miniature straw hat embellished with a strip of scrap fabric and a fuzzy little chick. Glue the light bulb Bunny to miniature grapevine wreath and ENJOY!

Please use the DCC navigation on the right sidebar to hop around to the other Designers on our web ring and view the creative projects that they have posted for March.

Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

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Monday, March 5, 2012



One of this month's themes is MIXED MEDIA! My first and one true love! You can use any materials you want, there are no rules and there is no right or wrong way to approach MIXED MEDIA ART!

This set of stacked boxes started out with the paper. Webster's Pages has such pretty, soft and elegant paper collections. This one sings Spring to me.

I adhered the various papers to the sides, top and band of both boxes with Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Multi-Medium Matte - I LOVE this stuff - it always bonds the paper to the base without bubbles, tears or smears. It is like MAGIC!

I embellished the boxes with watercolor pencils, markers, ribbon, vintage postcard art reproductions, pearls and rhinestones. I wanted a nest of eggs on top but could not find a nest large enough to fit the top of the box, so I made one out of a grapevine wreath. I painted the lid of the box Chocolate Brown with Americana Paints by DecoArt to match the nest. I painted plain wooden eggs to resemble Robin's eggs with a mixture of Spa Blue and Winter Blue, then speckled and distressed them with watered down Chocolate Brown and Raw Umber. Then glued them inside the wreath. The quote is a Webster's Pages Journaling Card that I embellished with Bloomer Ribbon, pearls and a bow.

Hope you have enjoyed my Spring Inspirated MIXED MEDIA ART!

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Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

Monday, January 2, 2012



For January our theme is journals! My niece, Lindsay loves journals of all kinds. She records her thoughts, draws, writes poetry and music - lots of talent!

The most recent journal that I have made for her is a faux leather journal made of masking tape and mists - looks difficult, but is actually very easy to create.

I bought a plain, hard cover journal at the office supply store. I tore off sections of plain masking tape and placed them on my Inksentials Non-Stick Craft Sheet by Ranger. Then I sprayed the masking tape with a variety of mists, layering the colors until I was pleased with the result, then let dry completely. Once dry I inked a few clear flower stamps by Hero Arts and created a random pattern. I created three or four different colors of my faux leather stripes, some I stamped and some I left plain.

I then started layering the strips of masking tape over the front and back covers as well as the spine until everything was covered. I measured and cut two pieces of plain black card stock to fit on the inside of the front and back journal covers to hide the raw edges of of the masking tape and give the journal a finished look.

I had alot of fun with this project exploring all of the different color combinations that I could create by mixing and matching the mists on the masking tape. This technique would work well on other desk accessories, lamp shades and even glass votives!

Please use the DCC navigation on the right sidebar to hop around to the other Designers on our web ring and view the creative journals that they have created.

Thanks for stopping by! -Beth