Friday, April 12, 2013


One of most exciting facets of being a creative designer is when companies send you complimentary products to create with!  The Cousin Corporation (which is just up I-75 from me in Largo, Florida) is a family owned jewerly crafting and bead company that started out in 1970.  Truly a success story.
Cousin has a new Slide Bracelet line that is available at Joann's.  They are quick and easy to create and come in a variety of fashionable colors and themes.  Check out the video and pick up some components today!
I received a blue and a red leather bracelet with burnished gold clasps and slides along with a cute owl and heart accent slides. 

For the first slide bracelet, I "painted" the blue leather with Ranger Perfect Pearls, then embellished the owl slide with Turquoise Stickles by Ranger and more Perfect Pearls.  Measure your wrist and cut the leather down to size with wire cutters.  Use just a small dab of E6000 glue to secure your owl and accent slides in position, then secure the clasps.  I also added square turquoise rhinestones that I had in my stash.

For the second slide bracelet, I stamped on the red bracelet with a script handwriting stamp, to look like love letters with Ranger Archival Ink.  Then I inked in the center of the leather with the black ink to set off the heart slide.  Measure your wrist and cut the leather down to size with wire cutters. Use just a small dab of E6000 glue to secure the heart and accent slides in position, then secure the clasps. I also added small black half pearls that I had in my stash.
I hope you have enjoyed my Cousin Slide Bracelet projects today.  As a part of the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop, please use the navigation box on my right sidebar and hop back or hop forward to see all of the gorgeous and creative ways that the rest of the designers have featured their Cousin Slide Bracelets.
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Monday, April 1, 2013


Welcome to the DCC Blog Hop for April!  Our theme this month is one that I live by - RECYCLE - not only in my everday life, but also in my craft life.  I love saving containers, cast-offs and unusual materials then turning them in to something completely unexpected!

That is just what I did this month with my FAUX DENIM WREATH with BUTTON FLOWERS, so let's get on to the project!

1.)  Lay out half of the dryer sheets on an old towel and randomly spray with Cornflower and Blue Smoke spray mists.  Place the plastic storage bag on your hand and randomly "scrunch" the dryer sheets to distribute the spray mist evenly.  Repeat with second half of dryer sheets using the Turquoise and Forever Blue spray mists.  Place in dryer with towel for 5 minutes to dry.
2.)  Measure in 1 1/2" from edge of Smoothfoam Disc in one inch intervals around the disc and connect the measured marks to create a circle.  Cut the center from the Smoothfoam Disc to create a wreath shape and sand lightly.  Paint the front and sides of the Smoothfoam with Americana Paint in Baby Blue, let dry.

3.)  Cut each dryer sheet in smaller pieces by folding and cutting in half three times to create rectangles approximately 2" by 1".  Place one piece of dryer sheet on the Smoothfoam at 12 o'clock, then poke and twist into the foam with the tip of a sharpened pencil.  This will create a "tuft" of fabric AND secure the fabric in the foam.  Continue to poke and twist all of the pieces of dryer sheets randomly in to the top and sides of the Smoothfoam until all of the foam is covered.

4.)  Double stack colorful buttons then "thread" wire through the button holes and twist to secure.  Randomly place all button "flowers" on wreath by poking wires in to the Smoothfoam.

Hang up your wreath and ENJOY!

Tip #1 - Reuse mail order catalogs as paint palettes, simply open to the centerfold, use then rip off and discard in the receyle bin!
Tip #2 - Reuse plastic bags instead of expensive latex gloves when painting, misting, etc.  It saves your hands from getting stained!
Tip #3 - Reuse cereal and other food boxes when you need chipboard shapes and or letters.  Either trace and cut the shapes you want or Die Cut.  Cover the printed side with paper or paint!
Tip #4 - Reuse soup and other food cans a water basins to wash out your paint brushes - OR - cover these cans with paper or fabric to hold your paint brushes in your studio!
Tip #5 - Reuse the plastic containers that Crystal Light drink mix is packaged in.  They are great to store small items like flowers, brads, beads, etc. OR fill them with goodies.  I make Sweet and Spicy Nuts for my family and friends at Christmas time and these containers are the perfect size!

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed my post for today!  Now you can HOP around to all of the DCC Designers to see the FLOWER themed projects they have created with items that they have RECYCLED from around the house!  Just use the navaigation box on the right hand side of my blog to hop forward or hop back!

Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth