Monday, December 22, 2014

Faux Quilted Holiday Wreath Card with Ann Butler Designs

Christmas is certainly one of my favorite holidays of the year because there are SO MANY opportunities for creating and crafting!  Each year I design a new Christmas Card that I make for family and close friends.  My card this year features some of Ann Butler's Faux Quilting Stamps!

Here's how I made it!

Ann Butler {Faux Quilting} stamp sets by Unity Stamp Company – 1″ Leaves All Over and 1″ Doily Picnic
Westcott TrimAir Titanium Paper Trimmer with Ruler, 12" and Westcott Craft Titanium Non-Stick Scissors, 8" Bent
Tombow Xtreme Adhesive and Tombow Power Adhesive Tabs
Tim Holtz Distress Ink by Ranger - Peeled Paint, Fired Brick and Aged Mahogany; Cardstock - Red, Burgundy, Kraft, Light Green; Green Doily; Red Buttons, Fude Ball 1.5 Black Pen; White Ribbon; Merry Christmas and Gold Star cut outs; 'tis the season sticker.

1.)  Using Paper Trimmer, cut Kraft cardstock to 12" by 6", score at the 6" mark and fold in half, then set aside.  Cut Red and Burgundy cardstock to 6" by 6" squares.  Cut Light Green cardstock to 4" by 4".
2.)  Place Doily Picnic "Doily" stamp on acrylic block, ink with Aged Mahogany and stamp on Burgundy cardstock until covered.  Repeat with Leaves all Over "Stripes" stamp, Fired Brick ink and Red cardstock.  Repeat with Leaves All Over "Leaves" stamp, Peeled Paint ink and Light Green cardstock.  Cut Red and Burgundy cardstock squares in half diagonally.

3.)  Draw faux "stitches" on Red and Burgundy cardstock with Fude Ball pen.  Attach Red and Burgundy cardstock triangles to front of Kraft card with Xtreme Adhesive.

4.)  Cut the center from the Green Doily, trace center on to Light Green cardstock and cut out just a bit LARGER than the center.  Attach to back of doily with Xtreme Adhesive.  Attach buttons to front of doily with Xtreme Adhesive.

5.)  Attach cut outs to wreath and wreath to card with Power Tabs.  Attach sticker to bottom of card.  Tie ribbon in a bow, trim tails and attach to wreath with Power Tabs.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Faux Metal Embossed Holiday Ball Tutorial with Smoothfoam

I love discovering new techniques when it comes to crafting.  I know that hot glue will melt Smoothfoam, but what about a low temp glue gun?  Well, it lays beautifully on top of the Smoothfoam and drys hard without melting the surface.  Success!

Smoothfoam 3" Ball
AdTech low temp glue gun and glue sticks
Americana Paints by DecoArt - Dazzing Metallics Worn Penny and Charcoal Grey
Pencil, paintbrush, baby wipe, green ribbon (24"), scissors

1.) Insert sharpened pencil into opening at top of ball to use as a handle. 

2.) Draw pattern on ball and outline with the low temp glue.

3.) Paint with Worn Penny, let dry and apply a second coat, if necessary.

4.) water down Charcoal Grey paint 1:1 and apply to ball.  Remove paint on high areas by lightly wiping with baby wipe.  Let dry.


5.) Remove pencil.  Create a ribbon loop and two bows.  Apply low temp glue to opening and insert knotted end of loop.  Attach bows to either side of loop.


Hang and enjoy OR make a bunch to give as gifts!

Join us over on the Smoothfoam blog to see ALL of the Holiday Balls for 2014!
and link up your designs!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Wooden Clothespin Snowflake Tutorial for STICKY U!


Recently, I was contacted by Tombow to attend their Sticky U!  I received a package in the mail with a cute t-shirt, graduation certificate and Tombow XTREME Adhesive!  I have used Xtreme in the past and am completely hooked!  It is an Xtremely sticky adhesive that has real staying power!

I had created this Christmas Tree Canvas, so I knew that the Xtreme worked on wood.  I gathered up my supplies and got to work!  Let's make it snow - IN FLORIDA!

Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive
Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue
Small, medium and Large spring style clothes pins (8 for each snowflake)
Design Master ColorTool spray paint - flat white
Chunky glitter

Remove the springs from the clothes pins.  You will need 8 clothes pins for each snowflake.

Attach flat sides of clothes pins together with Xtreme adhesive.  There is a specific way to apply the Xtreme:  run a line of adhesive then snap it off at a 90degree angle.

Apply Xtreme to both sides of the diagonal surfaces and attach as show in photo.  The double application makes the Xtreme even more powerful!

Spray top face of snowflakes with Design Master ColorTool Flat White spray paint, let dry.  I didn't worry about the sides as I like the rustic look.

Once dry, apply a thin layer of Mono Multi Glue with the broad tip.  Sprinkle with chunky glitter, shake off excess and let dry.

Layer the snowflakes on top of each other or leave single.  Attach a ribbon and hang on the tree or use as a package topper instead of a bow.

These are so quick and easy to put together that you could create a blizzard in an afternoon!

Thanks to Tombow for the Xtreme adhesive and I hope you enjoyed my snowflakes!

Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Candy Cane Necklace Tutorial for the Ann Butler Designs & ETI Blog Hop

Welcome to the Ann Butler Designs/ETI Blog Hop!
Recently ETI - Environmental Technologies, Inc. sent each of the members of the Ann Butler Design Team a giant box of goodies including resin, molds, dyes and all of the other supplies needed to complete some pretty cool projects!

I have it admit that I was completely intimidated by the ETI resin when I first received the package and my first attempt was a complete CRAFT FAIL because I did not follow the directions exactly!  But I read through the instructions COMPLETELY and tried again.  The second time was a success and my projects are presented below - Enjoy!

White, black and aqua cardstock, pencil, scissors, 2" bottle cap, 1 1/2" circle punch, snowflake sticker, paint brush, acrylic stamp block, Fired Brick Distress Ink, ultra fine iridescent glitter, jewelry bale, ball chain necklace, aqua ribbon 24"' Emory board, jewelry glue.

Candy Cane Necklace
1.) Stamp stripes in Fired Brick Distress Ink on white cardstock.  Draw a candy cane on a scrap of paper and cut out.  Use the negative to position the stripes diagonally and trace the candy cane shape.

2.) Cut out candy cane and coat twice with Ultra-Seal, making sure to seal front, back and sides.
3.) Prep Resin Jewelry Mold with two coats of Mold Release & Conditioner, allow to dry.
4.) Following directions explicitly, measure equal parts of Resin and Hardener from EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy kit (making sure not to mix more than 6 oz. total).  Mix according to directions, then immediately fill half of mold.  Insert candy cane cut out, remembering to place stamped side down.  Fill the second half of the mold then sprinkle with glitter.

5.) Let resin set for at least 24 hours, then pop out of mold.  Sand edges (I used an Emory board).  I mixed the full 6 oz. of resin, so I ended up with ALOT.  I experimented with some of the colored dyes, chunky glitter, buttons and created over 25 pieces!

6.) Place cabochon on black cardstock, trace, cut out and attach to back with Ultra-Seal.  Attach bale with jewelry glue, let dry.  String on ball chain, wear and ENJOY!

Snowflake Bottle Cap Ornament
1.) Stamp diamond patterning Aquamarine on aqua cardstock.  Punch out circle and coat twice with Ultra-Seal, making sure to seal front, back and sides.  Repeat with snowflake sticker.
2.) Attach stamped circle to bottle cap and sticker to stamped circle using Ultra-Seal.
3.) Following directions explicitly, measure equal parts of Resin and Hardener from EasyCast Clear 
Casting Epoxy kit (making sure not to mix more than 6 oz. total).  Mix according to directions, then immediately fill bottle cap.  Remove any air bubbles with the quick pass of a hair dryer.

4.) Let resin set for at least 24 hours.  Tie a bow in aqua ribbon, leaving a 4" long loop at the top.  Attach to top of bottle cap.

I also had a complete craft fail when working with the ETI Resin.  EVERYTHING must be fully and completely coated in the Ultra-Seal in order to retain the integrity of the item you are imbedding in the resin.  I placed plastic rhinestones in other bottle cap ornaments and did not seal them, so they MELTED!  Still pretty, but not at all was I was going for!

Please visit each blog and leave a comment to be entered for the blog candy. YES, a comment on EACH blog gets you an entry for the BLOG CANDY shown below! Share the fun with your friends! We will Pick the winner on Saturday the 20th and announced on the Ann Butler Blog and ETI blog! Again, make sure and visit all the links and leave a comment. Here is my project for the hop.

 Beth Watson - YOU ARE HERE!
      Lisa Rojas

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas House Tutorial

Welcome to December and the first Monday Designer Crafts Connection blog hop!  Only 24 more days until Christmas, so let's get crafty!

Paper mâché house with removable roof
My Minds Eye Sleigh Bells Ring paper collection; mixed bag die cuts; decorative brads; gift labels stickers and enamel shapes.
Tombow Xtreme Adhesive; Power Tabs; MONO Adhesive Dots.
Ranger brush and glue; Stickles in star dust, orange and black; Dina Wakely Media brushes; Distress Glitter in Pumice Stone.
American Paints by DecoArt in light buttermilk.
Pencil, ruler, paper trimmer, scissors, bottle brush trees (3), Bazzill Basics just the edge Snowman and Trees, green tinsel ribbon, craft knife, hot glue gun and glue sticks.

Here's how I made it!

1.  Measure and cut My Minds Eye Sleigh Bells Ring papers to cover walls, peaks, roof, door and chimney of paper mâché house using Ranger Glue and Seal, let dry.

2.  Paint exposed paper mâché with Light Buttermilk, let dry.

3.  Cut out windows (from the inside) with a craft knife.

4.  Attach tree border to base of house.  Trim and attach 2 snowmen to either side of front door.  Hot glue green tinsel ribbon to base of house, dormer peaks, back of roof and top of chimney.

5.  Decorate entire house using Tombow adhesives and My Minds Eye Sleigh Bells Ring embellishments.

6.  Apply hot glue to top of chimney, place Santa in glue, then sprinkle in Distress Glitter, let dry.  Apply Glue and Seal to base, sprinkle with a Distress Glitter, let dry.  Accent house with Stickles Glitter Glue, let dry. Hot glue bottlebrush trees to base.

Using the navigation box on the right hand side of my blog to hop forward and hope back to see what all of the other Designers in the Designer Crafts Connection have created! 

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