Saturday, December 3, 2016

Let's Make it SNOW with UDDERLY SMOOTH!

Wintertime is here even in Florida, with the drier air and less humidity, so Udderly Smooth is a necessity.  And with all the hand washing during the baking and crafting sessions, my skin gets so dry, but Udderly Smooth fixes my dry hands right up! 

SO, let's make it snow - IN FLORIDA!

Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive
Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue
Small, medium and Large spring style clothes pins (8 for each snowflake)
Design Master ColorTool spray paint - flat white
Chunky glitter

Remove the springs from the clothes pins.  You will need 8 clothes pins for each snowflake.

Attach flat sides of clothes pins together with Xtreme adhesive.  There is a specific way to apply the Xtreme:  run a line of adhesive then snap it off at a 90degree angle.

Apply Xtreme to both sides of the diagonal surfaces and attach as show in photo.  The double application makes the Xtreme even more powerful!

Spray top face of snowflakes with Design Master ColorTool Flat White spray paint, let dry.  I didn't worry about the sides as I like the rustic look.

Once dry, apply a thin layer of Mono Multi Glue with the broad tip.  Sprinkle with chunky glitter, shake off excess and let dry.

Layer the snowflakes on top of each other or leave single.  Attach a ribbon and hang on the tree or use as a package topper instead of a bow.

These are so quick and easy to put together that you could create a blizzard in an afternoon and paired with Udderly Smooth, it's a snow storm that won't dry out your skin!

Thanks for stopping by! -Beth