Monday, December 9, 2013

Cre8time this Christmas for Crafting with the Kids!

 Crafting at the holidays is always fun for me, but crafting with my Niece is even better!

Take time to CRE8TIME with your family this Holiday Season!

Crafting a flowered messenger bag from and American Girl kit!
Knitting a scarf with Gandmom!
Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

Monday, December 2, 2013

The 12 Ornaments of Christmas Past, Present and Future!

It's the first Monday in December, so that means that it is time for the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop!  This month's theme is Holiday Decorations! and Holiday Ornaments are kind of my "THING".  I am known for creating unique ornaments each year for my close circle of family and friends.  So, I wanted to share some of my recent creations as well as some oldies but goodies! 

Happy Crafting - I hope you enjoy!

 Simple paint brushed embellished with paint, decorative yarn and ribbon

Metal containers with clear lids filled with stickers and faux snow

Altered Altoids tin painted like a vintage television with wire and bead antennae

 Wooden spools covered with decorative scrapbook paper, stacked and topped with a gold star

Tan craft foam cut into cookie shapes and decorated with 3D Fabric Paint "icing"

 Simple satin ornaments from the Dollar Store glued into cupcake papers with 3D Fabric Paint "icing" and pom pom toppers
Wooden Gingerbread Man cut out embellished with stain and paint

Chipboard coaster stamped with a repeating Holly Leaf and embellished with rhinestones and ribbon

Miniature mittens filled with wooden ice cream spoon Snowman and Santa faces, embellished with buttons, ribbon and fabric

Wooden Sugar Plum Fairy cut out embellished with paint and glitter

Metal hinge upcycled with paint and gold marker

Metal hinge upcycled with paint and faux snow

Now you can HOP around to see what the other Designers have created with a Holiday Decorations theme in mind - I can't wait to see the creativity!  Just click the HOP BACK and HOP FORWARD buttons in the DCC icon on the right hand side of my toolbar!
Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth