Monday, June 15, 2015

Simple and Elegant Lace Covered Wedding Card Suitcase

Create a simple and elegant lace covered suitcase that can be used for the Card Box at the reception, then becomes a keepsake for the Bride to incorporate into her Home Decor!

Pick up a faux Suitcase from your local craft store, they come in all shapes and sizes, so select one that best suits the size of the Wedding.  The cotton lace trim comes next, now selecting the lace trim will take longer than 15 minutes, because of all of the choices!  I selected 3 yards of  a 2" wide and 2 yards of a 1" wide Cluney Lace Trim.

Adhere the trim with Tombow MONO Aqua Liquid Glue to the top and sides of the suitcase, let dry, THEN trim around the edges with fine detail scissors.  Apply additonal glue to keep edges from fraying, let dry.

Attach self adhesive canvas letters to the inside lid of the suitcase, open and display on the Gift Table at the Wedding Reception to collect all of the well wishes from your guests!

All week long Angie from the Country Chic Cottage, Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts and Katie from Sweet Rose Studio, along with some crafty friends are sharing fast and elegant ways you can make any wedding memorable and stunning in no time flat!  Click on the box below to take you around on this Craft Lightning Wedding blog hop!

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Puppy and Kitty Party for my special 5 year old Niece!

Welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection First Monday in June Blog Hop!  Our theme this month is PARTY and I have the CUTEST Puppy and Kitty Party ideas to share with you today!

We made Puppy and Kitty ears out of Kunin Eco-Fi Rainbow ClassicFelt™ attached to dollar store headbands.  Name Collars created with ribbon, tags and markers.

Name Collars for the soon-to-be-adopted Puppies and Kitties created from pipe cleaners and beads - easy for little fingers to string!

Puppy prints made from each of the kids foot prints with some marker, wiggle eyes, ribbon and sticker embellishments.

Adoption certificates created from an online file, I found here at the Chickabug Blog.  Plus a cute Kitty craft stick project colored with washable markers instead to keep the mess in check.

The kids LOVED playing in this doghouse created from a large cardboard box, craft paint and construction paper roof shingles!

Momma and big sister created this Pen from a cardboard box, craft paint and string, for the Puppies and Kitties to wait in for their newly adopted parents to pick them up!

Plain goodie bags were dressed up with construction paper ears, whiskers, noses and wiggle eyes, then labeled with the kids' names!

I created some cute centerpieces from plain wooden shapes that I found at my local craft store and dressed up with some craft paint.

Momma brought out her specialty - the CAKE!  Homemade from scratch and yummy, this Birthday Girl had TWO CAKES - the Kitty cake was vanilla and the Puppy cake was chocolate!!

Now it is time to HOP around to the see what the other Designers have created using our PARTY theme!  I can't wait to see the creative inspiration!  Use the Designer Crafts Connection navigation tool on the right hand side of my side bar to HOP FORWARD and HOP BACK through the ring.  

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