Monday, August 6, 2012



For the month of August our Designer Craft Connection challenge was to craft with school supplies.  This is very timely since the kids in Southwest Florida go back to school this Wednesday August 8th!  Open House was Saturday and after my Niece, Marlee, met her new Third Grade Teacher, she decided she wanted to make her something for the first day of school.  What better to give a teacher then a pencil holder for her desk - and what better to craft it out of then pencils!

Here's How I Made It:
  • I already had a tall, square shaped container in my stash that was left over from some fancy Holiday candies, so we painted it inside and out with Golden Straw Yellow with Ameicana paints fom DecoArt to match the pencils and got to work. 
  • Measure from the top to the bottom of your container with a ruler and mark each pencil at that length. 
  • I cut all of the pencils with my pair of pruning shears from Fiskers - this worked perfectly and gave us nice, clean cuts (using sharp cutting tools is something that children should get help with from an adult). 
  • Turn the container on its side and apply a generous coat of  Aleene’s® Original Tacky Gluefrom I Love To Create
  • We used 11 pencils on 2 sides and 10 pencils on the other 2 sides. 
  • Allow glue to dry and secure a ribbon around the center, tied in to a bow. 
  • Marlee is going to add a tag with her teacher's name and some school themed stickers then fill the pencil holder with - you guessed it - brand new pencils!
We decided to have all of the erasers at the top, but you could have the erasers at the bottom, alternate top and bottom or create a personalized pattern of your own.  This project would also work well with rulers or even colored pencils for your Art Teacher.  Imagination and creativity are the keys when crafting with kids!

I hope you enjoyed my project today.  To view all of the other projects from the rest of the Designer Craft Connection group please use the HOP FORWARD and HOP BACK navigations in the DCC Icon in my right hand tool bar and ENJOY!

Thanks for stopping by! - Beth


Dave S. said...

That is cool.

Unknown said...

Cute idea!

Subriagirl said...

Love this idea Beth!

Melony Bradley said...

Super cute and simple. Marlee's teacher is going to love it

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

cute idea!

Barbara Rankin said...

What a cute idea, Beth. I love it!