Thursday, October 25, 2012


While on Facebook recently I noticed the announcement of Plaid's 3rd Annual Trick your Pumkin contest and decided to enter.

I started out with a $2.50 pumpkin from the discount section of Target and since it had specifically marked sections I wanted to create a pattern.  I drew a swirl pattern on every other section of the pumpkin with Martha Stewart Craft Fine Tip Top and Paint in Wedding Cake, then let it dry completely.

I decided that I wanted a metallic finish, so I grabbed my bottle of Martha Stewart Craft Paint in Pure Platinum.  I was not sure how well the paint would cover the plastic pumpkin, but it was completed covered in 2 coats and dried quickly!

To finish my pumpkin I rubbed on a coat of Martha Stewart Craft Paint in Beetle Black with a damp paper towel, then rubbed off the excess and was left with a faux metal finish!  You can add additional layers of black paint for a more distressed finish.  I applied 2 layers on my pumpkin below.

I want to try this finish on more pumpkins with different patterns and metallic finishes!

Thanks for stopping by! - Beth

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