Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween everyone! Today's Halloween craft is a candy dish made from easy to find craft store staples. Using Americana paints by DecoArt stamp Bright Orange swirls on orange tissue paper then decoupage onto an inexpensive ivy bowl with Plaid's Mod Podge, let dry. Stamp Charcoal Grey spider webs on black tissue paper and decoupage on to a Styrofoam cone, let dry. Take cone and press into top of ivy bowl while rotating to create a channel so the cone fits snugly on top. Make a hat brim out of black craft foam. String black beads on to wire and finish by adhering two round stickers to each other at the end of the wire. Push wire into top of "hat" and place hat brim around bottom. Using Lamp Black and Titanium White paint features on to Jack-O-Lantern. Place your favorite candy inside and enjoy! Makes a great gift for a co-worker or teacher. Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

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