Sunday, October 31, 2010


Just checking in with my day 6 Halloween craft - recycled lightbulbs turned in to cute Jack-o-Lanterns! Start off with Americana paints by DecoArt and base coat the lightbulb with Jack-O-Lantern Orange and the screw top part with Mink Brown. Sponge on Canyon Orange to define the pumpkins ribs and Country Red for the cheeks, let dry. Draw on the face with a Sharpie marker and accent with dots of Titanium White using the blunt end of your paint brush. Paint a wooden star with Moon Yellow and write BOO! Glue lightbulb on small grapevine wreath. Knot the center of a piece of green checkered fabric, glue to "stem" and glue star on top. Set him on a shelf or give as a gift! Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

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