Friday, March 14, 2014

Craft Attitude Lucky Shamrock Canvas

A BIG Thank You goes out to Jonathan Fong for asking me to participate in the Craft Attitude St. Patrick's Day blog call. I had never worked with Craft Attitude before but blown away by its versatility!  Craft Attitude basically lets you print any copyright free image on the film with an inkjet printer and then apply it to any surface. The possibilities are endless!

Craft Attitude for Scrapbooking 

12" x 12" wooden canvas by Walnut Hollow
Heart plaques - four
Americana paints by DecoArt lamp black and dazzling metallic brilliant green
Golden soft gel medium
Pencil, Ruler, paintbrushes, computer, word processing software, Inc. jet printer, scissors, white chalk pencil, chipboard, green rhinestone, painters tape, craft knife, Lattice digital image and Irish Blessing.

Here's how I made it!

I wanted to test out several green paint options with different green patterns over top and created this tag, so I could make my selections.  I also tried out several application options, but liked the adhesion and finish of the Golden Soft Gel Medium the best.  I suggest doing some testing before you start your project.

Measure off your 12 x 12 wooden canvas and a 2 inch section, a 3 inch section, a 2 inch section, 3 inch section, and 2 inch section.  Apply painters tape and paint top middle and bottom stripe with lampblack, Let dry. Paint for heart shaped plaques and chipboard with brilliant green metallic, Let dry. 

Using word processing software on your computer type Irish blessing of choice, Reverse the copy that is backwards and print two sheets and landscape of your Craft Attitude on your inkjet printer following the instructions on the package.   Download lattice pattern from web and print two sheets on Craft Attitude.

Measure and cut four 3 inch wide by 11 inch wide strips of Irish blessing Craft Attitude and apply to raw wood on Canvas with soft gel medium. Burnish with bone folder to remove all air bubbles and wrinkles.  Piece together your Craft Attitude strips on the right side of the Canvas. Apply topcoat of gel medium over entire Canvas surface, let dry. 

Rough-cut a heart-shaped from Lattice printed craft attitude with scissors approximately 1 inch wide larger then plaque. Apply gel medium to surface of plaque then apply craft attitude according to package instructions. Burnish with bone folder to remove any air bubbles and wrinkles then peel back liner paper. Cut slits around the edge of craft attitude.  Apply gel medium to edge of plaque and burnish down craft attitude to remove any air bubbles and wrinkles. Trim excess craft attitude from bottom of plaque. Repeat with remaining three plaques and 4" x 4" chipboard. Applied topcoat of gel medium to four plaques and chipboard, let dry. 

Cut stem and half inch circle from chipboard, Adhere to canvas with tacky glue.  Position for plaques on Canvas in the shape of a Shamrock attach with tacky glue.  Attach green rhinestone to circle in center of shamrock. Write the word lucky at the bottom of the canvas with white chalk pencil.

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THANKS for stopping by!  -Beth


Ava Gavloski said...

Beth, very striking canvas presentation, love those color tones and great wow factor!!!

Taunya Butler said...

Thanks so much for sharing this clever project with us!! Love the detailed instructions!! You're blog is awesome!! Saw you on the MOxie Fab Blog Roll and thought I would stop by for a visit. I'd like to invite you to pop in at my blog sometime!! I would certainly love it!!