Monday, July 15, 2013


Recently, my Designer friend, Marisa Pawelko started working with ROWLUX® ILLUSION FILM - and WOW what a fabulous and interesting product!  The films have intensely saturated colors and very cool three dimensional effects.  They are flexible and easily cut with scissors or a craft knife, so they are perfect for many different applications within your craft projects.

Now, on to my project!

I love Christmas year round - making and giving ornaments is my favorite thing!  I have always wanted to make one of these spheres, but never had the right materials.  Now with the flexible Rowlux® Illusion Film, the sphere will keep it's shape when packed and not be crushed like scrapbook paper.



1.)  Measure and draw propeller style pattern on plain white paper with pencil.  Make each blade 2" long with 1/4" circles at both ends and the middle.  Cut out pattern.  Trace pattern four times on film with black pen.

2.)  With scissors, cut out four pieces.

3.)  Punch holes in top, middle and center of each piece.

4.)  Measure and cut a 24" length of thin white ribbon.  Thread button on to ribbon, placing in center, leaving two 12" "tails".  Knot ribbon.

5.)  Thread on each piece, using center hole.

6.)  Thread on a second button and knot ends of ribbon.

7.)  Measure 2" and make a knot in the ribbon.  Thread on a third button and knot ends of ribbon.

8.)  At this point the pattern pieces are stacked on top of each other.  Thread the left end, then the right end of the first pattern piece on to the ribbon.  Repeat with the other three pattern pieces.

9.)  Knot the ribbon.  Thread on a fourth button and knot the ends of the ribbon.  Trim the ribbon tails to 8" and knot at the top to create a hanger.

Experiment with other shapes, punches, stamps and stickers to create an ornament of your own.  This product is also very kid friendly, since you can cut it with scissors!

Now HOP on over to Marisa's Blog and see all of the other imaginative projects that the other Designers have created with Rowlux® Illusion Film!

This revolutionary material has been utilized in award winning point of purchase displays, packaging, signage, artwork, footwear, lighting, interior design, retail display fixtures and beyond. Our new frontier is the craft industry! There's absolutely nothing like it on the market, and I personally believe without a doubt that Rowlux® Illusion Film is THE future of crafts!

Rowlux® Illusion Film is made in the USA and comes in a diverse range of spectacular eye-catching colors and patterns.  These durable, translucent, 12" x 12" polycarbonate sheets add instant pizzazz to craft projects, seasonal accents, party decorations, scrapbooks, greeting cards, jewelry, furniture, frames, gifts, favors, accessories, art and DIY home decor projects. Easily cut with scissors, Rowlux® is also the perfect material for scoring, folding, embossing and die cutting. The creative possibilities are endless. This innovative and inspiring new craft material manipulates light to create dazzling visual effects. The illusion of depth and motion is the result of thousands of tiny parabolic lenses that are molded into the surface of both sides of the material. These lenses create a pattern of light reflection and refraction resulting in stunningly brilliant optical effects.

To instantly add "POP" and "WOW" to your projects, just add Rowlux®!

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Helpful Hints for Crafting with Rowlux®:

Adhesives: The optical effects are diminished when the product gets wet, therefore the ideal method for adhering translucent Rowlux® is with a light coating of spray mount. This works very well when you are applying flat pieces to flat surfaces. Liquid adhesives and resins will fill the lenses and diminish the optical effects.

If you wish to manipulate the material and create a stronger bond than can be accomplished with spray mount, I recommend hot glue. Just be sure to glue strategically in spots that are hidden, such as in the back or on corners, since the liquid nature of hot glue will diminish the optical effects and the glue will be visible due to the transliucent nature of the material. You can always cover any areas where the glue shows and effects are diminished with a button, gem or other embellishment.

Tools: Rowlux® can easily be cut and scored with paper trimmers. Scissors, Sizzix® steel rule dies, Sizzix® embossing folders and Sizzix® Scoreboards (which cut and score) by Eileen Hull also work well. Rowlux® can be manually bent, rolled and folded and is also great for flatwork.

If you come up with inspiring new ideas, techniques and methods for working with Rowlux®, we invite you to share what you’ve come up with in your posts!

Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth


Rowlux Illusion Film said...

I am SO inspired right now! I can not wait to make one of these for myself! And I want to make more for friends and to decorate parties! What a fabulous idea! You could even put one of those electric candles inside for a mini lantern effect! Thank you for being so crafty and creative!!!

Jean Bullock said...

Cool ornament. Thanks for the great tutorial.

maria soto said...

I love this type of ornament, I've wanted to make one for a while, but agree this material is perfect you don't have to worry about it getting damaged - I was thinking the samething about adding an electric candle for xmas to hang on the tree it would look loveley decorated with some tinsel - so many ideas come to mind with your project!!! thanks for sharing and for your tutorial

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I bet this is even more beautiful on a tree with lights on.