Friday, December 16, 2011


Anyone hungry for some Christmas Cookies? These are the kind that you hang on the tree, not eat becasue they are made from Craft Foam and 3D Fabric Paint!

They do look good enough to eat, though!

Cut shapes from tan craft foam - I prefer the Foamies brand from Darice - or use a cookie cutter to trace your pattern. I started with a heart. Ink the edges of the "cookie" with Chestnut Roan fluid chalk ink by ClearSnap to give that fresh baked look. Fill in the "icing" with Tulip 3D Fashion Paint in Slick Deep Red, outline and dot in Metallic White, then draw a squiggle circle in Slick Pistachio Green. To finish, place a Silver Metallic bead in the center to resemble a confectionary dragee and sprinkle with clear glitter. Once dry, glue a gold or silver cord to the back for hanging!

The candy cane is just as easy. Cut your candy cane cane shapre from the tan craft foam and ink the edges. Starting with Slick Deep Red, outline the stripes on the candy cane and fill in. Next outline and fill in the white stripes with Metallic White. Draw a line of Slick Pistachio Green in the center of each white stripe and place the silver metallic beads on the red stripes. Sprinkle with clear glitter. Once dry, glue a gold or silver cord to the back and hang on the tree.

These cookies make great gift tags as well - just write your TO and FROM on the back!

Delicious decorations and easy to bake, I mean create, too!

Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

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