Friday, November 8, 2013

Cre8Time to make a Fall Banner

I enjoy year round beautiful weather, living in SW Florida, but the one season that I truly miss is FALL!  The crisp air, the apple cider and especially the leaves changing color!

I found these giant Fall Leaves at Michael's and thought they would make a great base for a banner.  While messing around working through the creative process, I noticed a chipboard letter laying on top of one of the leaves and I thought - silhouette!  So, I simply traced each of my chipboard letters on to the silk leaf and cut it out with my craft knife.  I then tied a seam binding ribbon dyed a burnt orange color around each of the stems.

This entire project only took about 8 minutes to complete, so what can you CRE8TE in 8 MINUTES?  Visit the Cre8Time Movement on Facebook or on the Web and reclaim your Cre8tivity!  I DID!
Thanks for stopping by! -Beth


Anonymous said...

Beth!!! This is genius!! This is such a wonderful project and you can have autumn leaves inside all year round!

Unknown said...

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