Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Tree Tutorial with Tombow Xtreme Adhesive!

A few weeks ago, I applied for the Tombow USA Design Team with this project and was selected as a finalist!  They sent the Xtreme Permanent Adhesive (which I already LOVED!) and said to think outside the box. Not hard for this crafty girl!  

The Xtreme Adhesive is 5 times stronger than their regular adhesive, so that got me thinking about all the fancy pieces of trim moulding that I have hoarded collected over the years and what I could make.  I checked my stash and found an 8" by 16" wooden canvas from Walnut Hollow which got me thinking tall and skinny, which of course lead me to a Christmas Tree - the creative process is a long and winding road!

Here's how I made it:

Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive 
Walnut Hollow Bass Wood Canvas 8" by 16"
Americana Paints by DecoArt - Lamp Black, Bleached Sand, Antique Gold, Chocolate Brown, Foliage Green, Hauser Light Green, Hauser Medium Green, Avocado, Hauser Dark Green, Evergreen.
Weathered Wood medium and Decou-Page medium by DecoArt
Decorative Wooden Trim - six designs in 36" lengths
Vintage Sheet Music (I make color copies of vintage papers to use on projects like this), Wooden Star 2 1/2", Mid West Products Easy Cutter, Distress Ink by Ranger Frayed Burlap, Paint Brush, Pencil, Ruler and  Scissors.

1.) Crumple then flatten sheet music, then apply to wooden canvas with Decou-Page medium, let dry.  

2.) Apply Chocolate Brown base coat to wooden star and trim pieces, let dry.  Once dry apply Weathered Wood medium to star and trim pieces, let dry.

3.)  Apply Foliage Green, Hauser Light Green, Hauser Medium Green, Avocado, Hauser Dark Green and Evergreen top coats to decorative trim pieces, let crackle and dry.  Leave a 2 1/4" section of the flat decorative trim brown to use later for the tree trunk.

4.)  With index finger apply light accent coat of Bleached Sand over all of the trims to highlight the decorative patterns, let dry.  Distress the dry wooden canvas with Frayed Burlap Ink.  Apply Antique Gold top coat to the wooden star, let crackle and dry.

5.) Measure and cut 13 sections of decorative trim from 7" down to 1" in half inch increments to use as the tree branches.   Measure and cut the 2 1/4" piece of brown trim to use as the tree trunk.  Apply a light coat of Lamp Black to accent the decorative pattern, let dry.

6.)  Lay the wooden canvas flat and measure the center at the top and bottom edge.  Starting with the star, dry fit all of the decorative trim branch pieces and ending with the tree trunk at the bottom.  

7.) One at a time, flip the pieces over, apply Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive then apply to wooden canvas.  NOTE: The Xtreme is best applied with steady light pressure and then to end the adhesive, simply snap the runner to the side in a quick motion.

I attempted to "decorate" my tree, but decided to keep the design clean and simple instead to highlight the patterns in the decorative wood trim.  The bonus is that I have more than enough trim left to make two more!

Here are a few detailed photos:

I hope you have enjoyed my Tombow Design Team round two project today!  I would like to thank Tombow for selecting me as a finalist, it would be an honor to work with such a great company!  Good luck to the other Finalists!

Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth

Friday, November 7, 2014

Cool2Cast Ebook Blog Hop with Bella Crafts Quarterly

Thanks for stopping by today because I am blog hopping for my crafty friend Tiffany Windsor who has a newly released Cool2Cast ebook Cool2Cast Tips, Techniques and Ideas for Jewelry, Home Decor and Embellishments! available over on the Bella Crafts Quarterly website for download.


I have to admit that I had never used a casting medium before and was a bit hesitant, but Tiffany's Cool2Cast ebook has step by step instructions for casting with tons of great color photos that made the process simple - and now I am addicted!  The book also contains a ton of projects, in which Tiffany outlines different techniques for colorizing and embellishing the Cool2Cast.  Each technique had detailed, well written instructions with beautiful color photos - not your average instructional book!

Now, on to my project!

Following directions in the Cool2Cast ebook, measure, mix and pour the casting medium into your molds.  I used 1/2 cup of casting medium to 1/4 cup of water and it was just enough to fill both of my molds.  The seashell mold is from the candy department at my local craft store and the other mold is designed for jewelry casting.  Either works great!

Fill to the top edge of your molds, being careful not to overfill.  Let set 24 hours.

Pop shapes from molds.  Sand off any rough edges.  I used an Emory Board.

Paint shell and starfish shapes with Americana paints by DecoArt.  I used real shells that I had collected on the beach as my inspiration, but you could use photos from the internet.  Attach a bale to the back of the piece and string on a chain!  

I hope that you are as intrigued by the Cool2Cast as I was, but don't be intimidated because it really is a very simple and easy process.  I plan on creating some cute Christmas ornaments with the kids this weekend using some themed candy molds!  

Check out the Bella Crafts Quarterly website to download your copy of  Cool2Cast Tips, Techniques and Ideas for Jewelry, Home Decor and Embellishments! by Tiffany Windsor today!  The projects and possibilities are endless!

And just to get you started, Tiffany is giving away a Cool2Cast Starter Kit! Click on the picture below to head on over to her website Cool2Cast to leave a comment to enter. Now that's cool!

C2C Giveaway Starter Kit and eBook 300x223 Announcing the Cool2Cast eBook by Tiffany Windsor

Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

Monday, November 3, 2014

5 Turkey Craft Projects to make with Kids!

It's the first Monday in November, so it is time for the Designer Crafts Connection blog hop!

This months theme is Thank You cards and gifts.  I am not much of a card maker, so I wanted to share 5 of my all time favorite "Thankful" Thank You gifts - great to make and give as a Hostess Gift for Thanksgiving - and easy enough to make with the kiddos!

First up is the Thankful Turkey Mason Jar Craft  Each family member writes a note about what they are thankful for and places it in the jar!

Second is the Thankful Banner  Scrapbook paper leaves are stitched together and each family member can write a note about what they are thankful for on each leaf!

Third is the Turkey Shelf Sitter.  A clay pot, wooden head, some fabric and felt come together to create this quick and easy craft you can make with your kids!

Fourth is the Turkey Place Cards   Made with scrapbook paper and punches, then embellished with googly eyes, chenille stems and rick rack!

Fifth is the Turkey Shelf Sitter.  Made from wooden pieces, stamped cardstock, some paint and tons of imagination!

I hope that you enjoyed my projects and they will inspire you to create cute Thank You gifts during this Thanksgiving season!

Now it is time to HOP around to see what THANKFUL CARDS & GIFTS the other Designers have created!  Just click HOP FORWARD and HOP BACK links in the Designer Crafts Connection navigation tool on the right hand side of my blog!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Artist Trading Block Tutorial with Tombow!

EDITED:  I am excited to share that this project has landed me a finalist spot for the TOMBOW Design Team!  Check back and see my second project on November 21st!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year!  I love to create cute, not spooky decorations for my house. This Eileen Hull Artist Trading Block project has been one of my favorites this season. I hope you enjoy - now on to my project!

Halloween themed papers - green pattern, black handwriting, orange gingham, white scrolls and black and orange clocks and yellow pattern.
Buttons - 2 white, 4 black and 2 purple
Rhinestones - 2 purple, 2 green, 2 amber and 2 black
Ruler, pencil, scissors, white paint pen, paper trimmer, 2 mini wooden spools, silver craft paint and paint brush, Old Paper Distress Ink Pad,

1.) Die cut two sets of each size block from mat board with die cutting machine.  Pre-fold all scores.  Color edges and folds on largest block green, on second largest orange and on smallest black.

2.) Measure and cut green pattern paper to fit on five sides and black handwriting paper on one side of largest block.  Measure and cut orange gingham paper to fit on six sides of second largest block.  Measure and cut four strips of white scroll paper 1/2" by 12" for second to smallest block.  Measure and cut black and orange clock paper to fit six sides of smallest block.  Draw and cut 2 bat wings and 2 bat ears from black and orange clock paper.  Draw and cut 1 jack-o-lantern mouth from yellow patterned paper.  Draw and cut 3 section of Frankenstein hair, small rectangle and crooked mouth from black handwriting paper. 

3.) Attach block pieces (according to package directions) with Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive Runner.  Attach papers to blocks with Xtreme Permanent Adhesive Runner.  Paint wooden spools with silver paint, let dry.

4.) Attach 2 black buttons to second to smallest block using Tombow Mono Liquid Glue.  Crumple white scroll paper strips and distress with Old Paper Distress Ink.  Attach strips to block using Xtreme Permanent Adhesive Runner by wrapping strips around block, covering all surfaces.  

5.) Attach bat wings and ears; nose, mouth and leaves of jack-o-lantern; Frankenstein hair, eyebrow and mouth with Tombow Scrapbook Adhesive Dot Runner.  

6.) Attach button and rhinestone eyes and spools with Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue, let dry.  Draw Frankenstein scar with black marker and bat mouth with white paint pen.

7.) Attach blocks together with Tombow Power Adhesive Tabs.

Here are some detailed shots:

Display and enjoy!!

Thanks for stopping by! -Beth

Monday, October 6, 2014

Mixed Media Pumpkin Tutorial with Teresa Collins Masquerade Party

Thanks for joining us on this first Monday in October for the Designer Crafts Connection blog hop. This month's theme is, of course, HALLOWEEN - my favorite time of the year!

I love taking ordinary objects that I find at the craft store, like a faux pumpkin, scrapbook papers, wooden plaques and candlesticks and creating cute and clever home d├ęcor items like this Mixed Media Pumpkin!

Here's how I made it:
 I started out with this copper faux pumpkin that I found in the dollar spot at Target.  Then I received these wonderful Teresa Collins Masquerade Party papers and embellishments from Whim So Doodle, my local scrapbook store.
Using regular copy paper, create a template, outline with pencil, then cut out.  Trace on several pieces of patterned paper, cut out, crumple, straighten then adhere to pumpkin with decopauge medium of choice.  Let dry and trim edges with craft knife, if necessary.

Continue, until all but two sections are covered in paper.  Paint one of the final two sections white and the other black.

One the painted white section, add washi tape strips diagonally, trim with craft knife.  Attached sections from decorative paper strip embellishment pack on black section with decopauge medium.  Let dry and trim any excess with a craft knife.

Base paint wooden candlestick and plaque pieces with black paint.  Glue small plaque to bottom of candlestick and larger plaque to top of candlestick.  Embellish pedestal with washi tape.

Create two identical BOO! banners using papers and stickers.  Glue banners pieces together by sandwich silver tinsel in between.

Paint two 12" long dowels with black paint.  Insert into to top right and left of pumpkin, at an angle.  Secure with glue.  Wrap ends of tinsel to dowels and secure with orange fibers tied into bows.

Embellish spaces in between pumpkin sections with sequins, glitter glue, rhinestones and pearls to finish.

Now it is time for you to HOP around to the other Designers' blog and see what they have created with a HALLOWEEN theme!  Just click on the Hop Forward and Hop Back links in the Designer Crafts Connection navigation box in my right hand tool bar.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Flower Wall Decor Tutorial

Welcome!  Today I am Blog Hopping with the Designer Crafts Connection.  We are sponsored by Kunin Felt, Beacon Adhesives and Buttons Galore and More!

Kunin Eco-fi Printzfelt - 60s Floral
Kunin Eco-fi Rainbow Classicfelt - Brillant Blue and Candy Pink
Beacon Adhesive - Felt Glue
Buttons Galore and More - Assorted Buttons
Smoothfoam Discs - 6" and 8"
Americana paints by DecoArt - Foliage Green and Desert Turquoise
Crystal Katana - pick up tool
Paintbrush, marker, scissors, clear plastic push pins, rick rack blue and green, assorted rhinestones and 3M Command strips.

1.  Insert push pins in a scrap of Smoothfoam, apply Felt Glue to top then attach Buttons and rhinestones.  Set aside to dry.  Paint edge of 6" disc Desert Turquoise.  Paint edge of 8" disc Foliage Green.  Set aside to dry.

2.  Apply rick rack trims to edge of discs with Felt Glue.  Trace 6" disc on Candy Pink felt, cut out and apply to disc with Felt Glue.  Repeat with 8" disc and Brilliant Blue felt.  Set aside to dry.

3. Draw a large petal on back of 60s Floral felt, cut out.  Use petal as a pattern, then trace and cut out six more.  Apply to back of 8" disc with Felt Glue, set aside to dry.  Repeat by cutting five smaller petals, apply to back of 6" disc with felt glue and set aside to dry.

4. Hang on wall using 3M Command adhesive strips on back of each petal.  Decorate with photos and memorabilia using Button topped push pins to secure.

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